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Head grey sports braIn December of 2021, Wheelchair Foundation worked with Airline Ambassadors International, Kiwanis International, and US Army Southern Command to deliver 100 wheelchairs to the country of El Salvador to assist  The Fund for the Protection of Disabled and Disabled as a Result of the Armed Conflict (FOPROLYD).

Wheelchair Foundation provided 100 Wheelchairs as well as canes, walkers, and mobility equipment for Veterans in El Salvador.  The donations were readied for shipment and we appreciate the Denton Program and EUC 2T frayed bottom Hudson jeans providing transport for this aid to support the government of El Salvador. Airline Ambassadors is part of the Denton Program where the US Military assists NGOs with humanitarian assistance.  The aid was delivered to El Salvador in November and the first wheelchair distribution took place on Dec.3rd, 2021! Matt Beinke, Luis Urrea, and Dr. Pablo Guzman joined the first delivery to veterans and victims of the civil war in El Salvador within the framework of the National and International Day of the Person with Disabilities.



It’s Just a Wheelchair Like Any Other

“The hurricanes last year have turned our Bahamian Islands upside down, and we have a desperate need for wheelchairs”.   We got the e-mail back in November 2020, right in the teeth of Covid-19.  The ability to distribute the wheelchairs with our donors was not possible, but we could feel the desperation in their message.

The note came from the area Rotarians, always willing to help and partner with Chair the Love worldwide to assist us in providing mobility to the neediest.  Unable to ignore their plea, our generous donors, combined with others from the Wheelchair Foundation, pulled together the funds to purchase an entire container of Wheelchairs (280), to be delivered directly from the factory to the Bahamas.

One of the distributions resulted in two chairs winding up at the Grand Bahama Children’s Home in Freeport.  This amazing facility provides for 32 children from infants to 14 whose parents are unable to care for their development or physical needs.  It is there that our donated Wheelchair and the dear young boy sitting in it met the Prince, yes Prince William.

Click here to read the entire story that we received from our partners at Chair The Love….


Our partners in mobility Nathan & Heather Ogden from Chair The Hope recently visited the country of Mexico to deliver wheelchairs to Puerto Vallarta and other surrounding areas. Here is a brief excerpt of one of these recent visits.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

We started the day by visiting a daycare for special needs kids. We delivered several wheelchairs. They were so excited to have their very own wheelchairs!

We were then able to visit four homes and deliver wheelchairs. It is so special to be able to visit the homes and see the families we are helping.

They all had amazing stories and were so thankful.  It makes us grateful for all the people who donate and have donated money for these wheelchairs. Thank you thank you!!!


All of us at Wheelchair Foundation are exceedingly grateful for your continued support throughout this year, which has continued to prove challenging for many people. Due to your continued support in being one of our partners in mobility along with your generous contributions, we were able to complete a number of distributions to different parts of the world including right here in the United States as well as Ecuador, Venezuela, Uganda, and more. With your generosity, we were able to provide nearly 10,000 wheelchairs to individuals in need!

Click here as we recall just a couple of stories from recipients that we were able to deliver mobility to in 2021.


Co-Founders Don and Josh Routh talk about the importance and impact of The Wheelchair Foundations From The Heart school program.

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